Christopher T. Leffler, MD, MPH

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Downtown: Virginia Commonwealth University,Medical College Virginia Campus,Department of Ophthalmology P.O. Box 980438, 403 North 11th Street Suite 439, Richmond, Virginia 23298-0438 FAX – (804) 828-1010

At Stony Point Surgery Center: 8700 Stony Point Parkway, Suite 220, Richmond, VA 23235

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Oct 1, 2006-present. Assistant Professor. Department of Ophthalmology. Virginia Commonwealth University, Medical College of Virginia Campus, Richmond, VA, and Staff Physician, the McGuire VA Medical Center, Richmond, VA. Director of Scholarly Activity.

2003-Sep 30, 2006. Clinical Instructor. Department of Ophthalmology. Virginia Commonwealth University, Medical College of Virginia Campus, Richmond, VA, and Staff Physician, the McGuire VA Medical Center, Richmond, VA.

2004-Sep 30, 2006. Ophthalmology, private practice, 1510 N. 28th St., Suite 208, Richmond, VA 23223.

Oct 2003-Sep 2004. Fellow in pediatric ophthalmology and adult strabismus. Department of Ophthalmology. Virginia Commonwealth University, Medical College of Virginia Campus, Richmond, VA, and Staff Physician, the McGuire VA Medical Center, Richmond, VA.

Oct 2000-Sep 2003. Resident Ophthalmologist. Department of Ophthalmology. Medical College of Virginia. Richmond, VA.

1997-2000. Medical Director, NeuroMetrix, Inc. Cambridge, MA.

1999-2000 Occupational Medicine Physician. 1) Occupational Health and Rehabilitation, Wellesley and Wilmington, MA (7/99-1/00). 2) Occupational Health Services, Morton Hospital, Taunton, MA (2/00-9/00).

1997-1999. Occupational Medicine Residency, Chief Resident, Dept. of Environmental Health, Harvard School of Public Health.

1994-1997. Diving Medical Officer and Medical Department Head, Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit Two. Naval Amphibious Base, Little Creek, VA.

1994. Naval Undersea Medical Institute, Groton, CT. Training as Undersea Medical Officer.

1993-1994. Intern, Internal Medicine, Naval Hospital Oakland, CA.

1989-1993. MD Degree, Harvard Medical School, and Harvard-M.I.T. Division of Health Sciences and Technology.

1985-1989. BS Biochemistry, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.




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June 2011. Instructor of the Year. Department of Ophthalmology. Virginia Commonwealth University, 2010-2011.

November 1996. Navy Commendation Medal and Navy Unit Commendation Medal for service as Diving Medical Officer during the recovery of TWA Flight 800.

May 1993. Young Investigator Award for basic science, North American Society of Pacing and Electrophysiology, San Diego, CA.